Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Life Drawing - 07 Oct '09

Done with NuPastels (as apposed to Old pastels) imported from the good old USA. After trying to look all over for them in Melbourne I had to get them online on DickBlick. My verdict...meh, not so much different from the ordinary stuff but mmmmmmmaybe, just maybe, pastel relies on the surface more.

Pastel and Charcoal have been my mortal enemies but a few bloggers have inspired me to pick them up again (at least on the occasion). Ben Lo's life drawings for example are just...gorgeous. My dream is to get to the dexterity and richness of Bill Cone's stuff ....a dream, a dream...


  1. Hi Nori
    Great charicatures and I'm in awe of the different styles and media you use.
    Go Melbourne!