Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Zero to Illo to somewhere-o

So you've probably noticed some changes recently. I've broken out of the 9-5 arty jobs to go freelance. There has been a tonne to take in, but at the same time, it's been a dream trying to execute ideas conjured up in my head for all these years. I think I'm very lucky that there is so much support and resources out there to make the jump relatively light.

One of those resources is the 'Zero to Illo' 12 week challenge. It means what it says really. You're nothing. You try to be something in 12 weeks. Now I've done 12 week challenges before, and I know you're out there reading this scoffing, wondering what the point is. That was me too, but that really misses the reason they're there for.

Anyway. I hope to share the experience with you, oh, valuable reader.

Have a good loooooooong weekend! Here's a PS sketch of a 'goth dragon' done for Sketchaholics.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

C'mon Hammer Jaw!!

Aussie Grit. Yes that is what Australian F1 driver Mark Webber is called on Twitter. But underneath that harsh Australian exterior lies eyes that a orphaned puppy would be jealous of.

Yes, there's no denying his talent but it counts for nothing if Red Bull don't provide him with a reliable car.

So please, give Mark the best chance possible for winning in Melbourne tomorrow. We're all behind you!

This is only part of the full illo, so stay tuned in the coming weeks

Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Banner, still champions

Incredible night it was on the weekend where about 45,000 people just went nuts for an A-league football match in 120 minutes. Then afterall of that you didn't know what to do. What, go home? That's it. End of story. Surreal.

Even though the night didn't reeeeeeeally end the way some would have hoped for , I did manage to create a banner to spur on the team, to inspire the fans and add to the atmosphere. Expertly printed by the guys at Sumo Visual, considering all the things that could've gone wrong, well, nothing did.

But a win on the night for the Melbourne Victory over Sydney FC would've been icing!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

And now, for news closer to Home

Many of you probably wouldn't have a clue who made the headlines in Australia last week. An Australian Rules player who had an affair with a young model, who sued after photos were release of her naked in the shower, who disrupted the tour of her then current fiancee cricketer, who then came back from the tour and announced their engagement was over. All in the space of a week.

Makes sense? Me neither.

It's a story conjured up from those afternoon soaps - of lies, of cheating and fake pregnancies to get the inheritance of some dieing man.

Such is the hard hitting, important news we have, here in Australia.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

" do ai ! "

Great men in history. You think Shakespeare, you think Einstein, Mandela, Gandhi. Immortal. As I'm sure, in his own mind, Cristiano Ronaldo is. So in the coming centuries, all children will know to worship the God that is Ronaldo on a Futurama-esque head bust.

But he should stick to playing football. NOT endorsing some unrelated product with lifeless voiceover. You gotta love him