Thursday, May 27, 2010

Formula 1 vs Super Mario Kart

Who remembers the good old days of Mario Kart? I'd go round and round and round Mario ciruit 1 to chase those lap record times. I got close. Those days are long gone now, gone...

where was I?

Oh yeah, then Formula 1 bought in this KERS system and you'd SWEAR it was like Mario Kart. If you were an F1 driver, KERS would feel like a Mushroom giving you a temporary burst of speed. So what if we went one step further? Life imitating art? You never know.

Now you too can give this free image a home on your very own desktop. Here they are at whatever resolution suits your computer decor!


Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bernini Angel

I somehow won a sculpt from Michael Defeo on Sketchoholic. But it was a great theme with a short time frame - trying to come up with our own spin on a classic sculpture. I chose Bernini based around one of his inspiring angel sculptures.

I came across this image on Google. The pose, what she was doing, the instrument all, I thought, lended itself to the Bernini aura so I smashed those ideas together.

And here's a turntable of the result. The model was done in Zbrush with an unorganised mesh and the inorganic objects were made in Maya. I had fun with Zbrush's "Slash 2" brush on the curl on her hair and the wings. I had fun with Maya because ...because it's Maya.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Parka Blogs Art books, Anime Reviews

We love our art books. Or do we? Parka Blogs is fantastic and reviews all the latest and greatest art books from aaaaaaalll corners of the globe. He also gives so much back to the art community so make sure you go to his blog

And while your there, vote for your favorite image in his "Animals in Competitive Sports" contest where I entered the above image.