Thursday, October 15, 2009

And, in Progress...

Many of you may or may not remember me posting up WIPs ages ago on this painting. Well, this is a post to say that yes, I'm still going! A waaaay to go, but hey I'm chipping away at it. Although the project sometimes goes on the backburner, the subject is always at the top of my heart. **cough, cough , cough**

On the subject of watery paintings DrSketchy's Melbourne is back this weekend with the theme 'Under the Sea'. Exciting stuff! I hope I'll be able to make it down, but it's a heads up at the moment


  1. very nice!
    lovin the skin tones
    esp the face!

    ah drsketchy, I still have to make it to one of those.

  2. is this in progress? For me is perfectelly finished. I like it

  3. I really like the softness you've managed to get in her face. It's really gentle. Good work!

  4. eye catching piece!

    makes me want to know the story behind it.

  5. oh thanks so much for your comments!! yah it's a crop of the whole image at the moment. I hope to reveal all, errr, sooon...ish!

    thanks so much again for the encouragment