Monday, October 19, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Melbourne - 19th Oct '09 Part 1

Dr Sketchy's Melbourne was, as always, alot of fun. I think they realised I was a regular there and bought me on stage to pose the models. Not that that's something I want to show off about. It was rather embarrassing - "errrr sit there, aaaanddd ummmm yeah yeah, that's good". Met some interesting people from different industries too, so I think the ball's beginning to roll. Particularly as we lead up to summer!

I have two more pics I'd like to share, but for today, I thought I'd share these two, touched up in PS. I remember seeing a video of some master artist dude using traditional, scanning them in, and then going over the top of it digitally. I'm beginning to understand why. It's sooooooo much easier to make those 'happy accidents' with traditionals I reckon. And it makes it enjoyable wondering what would happen. Here is a charcoal based image and another one using coloured pencils! I don't think I've used as something as primitive since, like, primary school.

I wonder what you guys think about using traditional media?


  1. Dr Sketchy's is awesome :) I love that you had to pose the models!

    I always feel a bit more 'honest' when I use traditional media - probably because you can't just rely on Ctrl Z all the time to sort out your mistakes!

  2. well I rarely use any traditional mediums
    (apart from the pencil, tho I do want to try usin gouche more) but i think its easier to get down that initial drawing in pencil, rather than in digital.

    ahh I wish I got to meet more artists! NZ is not good for that sorta thing haha

  3. Hello Nori !!!
    Very good sketches...Congratulations !!!

  4. Love this post Nozza! You have an awesome style and the pics both have a lot of character. I'm definitely calling this the Blog of Love.

  5. thanks so much for your comments as always! Really appreciate it