Saturday, March 27, 2010

C'mon Hammer Jaw!!

Aussie Grit. Yes that is what Australian F1 driver Mark Webber is called on Twitter. But underneath that harsh Australian exterior lies eyes that a orphaned puppy would be jealous of.

Yes, there's no denying his talent but it counts for nothing if Red Bull don't provide him with a reliable car.

So please, give Mark the best chance possible for winning in Melbourne tomorrow. We're all behind you!

This is only part of the full illo, so stay tuned in the coming weeks


  1. Love that chin. Great work as always.

  2. Cool work, like how large he is compares to his car, nice slant on the F1 drivers, well done

  3. Roddy Vargas stamp of approval. brilliant sir.

  4. True Nori : it's difficult to say exactly who is the best racer in formula one. It depends so much of the car they have...
    Another true thing : your caricature of Webber is GREAT !

  5. awesome! love that jaw, and the painterly style!

  6. thanks for your comments as always! trying to push the designs as far as I can!