Saturday, March 13, 2010

And now, for news closer to Home

Many of you probably wouldn't have a clue who made the headlines in Australia last week. An Australian Rules player who had an affair with a young model, who sued after photos were release of her naked in the shower, who disrupted the tour of her then current fiancee cricketer, who then came back from the tour and announced their engagement was over. All in the space of a week.

Makes sense? Me neither.

It's a story conjured up from those afternoon soaps - of lies, of cheating and fake pregnancies to get the inheritance of some dieing man.

Such is the hard hitting, important news we have, here in Australia.


  1. lol thats class, does indeed sound like a soap, nice work on the charactures

  2. hahaha.. nice one, Nori! Really like the old movie poster feeling in there. :)

  3. Nice work Nori - I'm totally 'Bingled out' she's had her 15 minutes - obscurity beckons !!