Monday, March 22, 2010

Big Banner, still champions

Incredible night it was on the weekend where about 45,000 people just went nuts for an A-league football match in 120 minutes. Then afterall of that you didn't know what to do. What, go home? That's it. End of story. Surreal.

Even though the night didn't reeeeeeeally end the way some would have hoped for , I did manage to create a banner to spur on the team, to inspire the fans and add to the atmosphere. Expertly printed by the guys at Sumo Visual, considering all the things that could've gone wrong, well, nothing did.

But a win on the night for the Melbourne Victory over Sydney FC would've been icing!


  1. Cool I like your style in features and rendering Nori!

  2. gutted. great work nori, looked awesome printed out and on display at Spencer street bridge.

  3. Dude thats fantastic work! Your charicatures rock my socks off