Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seascape Plein Air with iPad inc video

Yet another iPad finger painting using the Brushes App which STILL remains the most responsive and simplest painting app out there.

People often ask me about the glare off the screen. Although, yes, it does exist, if you crank up the brightness to max and paint under some shade there really isn't any problem. Which got me in thinking, how great this thing will be for night plein airs with a back lit screen? Next time perhaps.

Hope you enjoy the video process too.


  1. Hi, Nori,
    Thank you for the info and demo. I have a Q. Turning over a subject from right to left, vice versa means you're "checking" a painting(eg.value balance)?

  2. Beautiful. And great song choice too.

  3. Brilliant work Nori, love your updates.

  4. I really love the painting. . . thanks a lot for sharing it.. ...keep it up...
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