Friday, August 13, 2010

Render, renders

While this blog goes on temporary hiatus, doesn't mean my trusty laptop computer is sitting idle twiddling its thumbs. Oh no. I make it work like the good servant it is.

May I direct your attention to some YouTube turnaround that I posted the other day. I realised after all these years, all I've done were stills. So while I had the opportunity, I decided to post movies on those models. Here they are. My Subaru inspired by my all conquering feats in Sega Rally 2 (I'm good at that game did you know). As well as a female pinup sculpt done all from scratch. Fingernails, toes, she had everything. I was hardcore back in the day.

Done with Maya, Mental Ray and composited in After effects.


  1. Hi, Nori, welcome back and good work! Your work is always fun to see, that shows a boy's inner world.
    Cheers, Sadami

  2. fantastic! I didn't know you could do this also, GREAT work! I've worked with maya too (I did some character modeling when I worked in the game industry) and, man, your stuff rocks.

  3. hi Nori, great stuff you got here:)) check you again soon:D cheers!

  4. Hello Nori-san

    It is funny to see you post 3D Subaru and bikini girl after a break... Yap that's pretty much what I would come up with during hiatus indeed!!!
    Nice stuff.
    Hope all is well.