Friday, July 2, 2010

Lucio - Imagine FX Best 11

Some good news. I was lucky enough to be selected in Imagine FX's 'Best 11' Fantasy football team! The competition asked to depict a star in World cup history in a fantasy setting, focusing on creativity and character design.

I chose Brazilian captain Lucio as a gentle giant. For all of Brazil's flair in attack, Lucio stands alone as the unsung hero in defense. He doesn't get caught up in the lights, he does his job humbly. One of the few gentleman of the sport.

The only problem is, he's not the prettiest face out there. His dark eyes and colossal frame strikes fear into those who see him. He'd love to sit and have a nice old yarn about the beauty of the world, the great Gods in the heavens, but no, he is left alone. Isolated. All he wants is to be understood.

I believe the results of the competition are published in the current edition of ImagineFX so do yourself a favour and drop by your newsagent and have a look!

Good luck Brazil for tonight!


  1. Dear Nori,
    Congratulations, tons of congratulations!!! And good luck for the comp. Personally, I really enjoyed your story telling about Gentle Giant!
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  2. That's awesome Noz, congrats on getting into ImagineFX.

  3. nice one. these one is really funny. keep up the great work!

    greets joris

  4. Hey , great character , i know how´s Lucio , and this work is very similar to him.
    .(sorry my english dude! , great blog , and congratulations for your work.

    see u!

  5. Amazing!Great caricature of Lucio! Congrats my friend! big hug

  6. Tori- Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. You have alot of talent!! Love your paintings and caricatures!


  7. Congrats Nori! Your work is awesome.
    Thanks for your kind comments on sketchcrawl forum.
    Will follow your work from now on!

  8. Thanks for the follow on twitter! Your caricature style is wonderful! Great work :)! I'll look forward to visitin your blog more!

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