Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School Melbourne - 20 Sept '09 Part 1

Dr Sketchy's in Melbourne has moved to 'the Order of Melbourne' if you saw my photo on Twitter the other day! It's a really good move I reckon, more accessible for people like me who can only take the tram to places.

And to celebrate, there were not one but TWO models to draw and draw inspiration on. So much so I decided to paint one of the quick sketches I did on that day. It was probably the most quirkiest poses I've seen for awhile so I tried to do it justice! I may colour it in one day, so stay tuned, or not. And for reference, here is the quick 5 minute sketch. Couldn't get as much info down because there were two models, but I just got enough!


  1. Cool to see that, by the other side of the world, there is somebody that enjoy as well dr sketchy and Sketchcrawl, traditional drawing and 3D :D
    Your drawing and sketches show a real talent and I like also your sculptures made with z-brus or similar ;-)
    Do you also have a Comic Jam group over there?

  2. Cool finish-has a real Victorian feel to it!