Monday, September 26, 2011

'The Big Squeeze' for Fountain Sauces

Fountain's latest campaign is now live and on the airwaves! If you haven't seen it already, check out the video above.

I was lucky enough to work with director Stephen Watkins of XYZ Studios on the CG animation advertisement. Cute!

Fittingly, I worked on the old, cranky Salt and Sugar shakers who, like me, have a problem with young punk tomatoes running amok. You've been warned tomatoes, you've been warned.


  1. Hi,Nori,
    Hey,absolutely masterpiece!! Impressed so much and I had a big laugh. What a clever idea!

  2. Very cool!
    how cute are those tomatoes haha

  3. Magic stuff Nori - I'd seem them on TV - shit tomato sauce but I love the Ad !! Kudos !

  4. hahah thanks Terry. Going to have to sit down and trial them all out myself one day. One by one, chip by chip.

    And appreciate the comments to Jeff and Sadami :)

  5. This is soo cute and a lovely work. It's too cool, that every tomatoe is individual and the orange background is beautiful.
    Now I need this tomato sauce! :D