Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diego Maradona and some divine intervention

Well, tonights the night where month long mayhem begins. And sometimes you'd think it's 4 years worth of blood, sweat, tears trying to make the most of this World Cup in South Africa. But, poetically, sometimes it's just plain old luck that gets you through. Like Maradona's infamous 'Hand of God' Moment.

Some people hate this aspect of football. I love it. I mean, it makes the wait all the more sweeter when you know you were robbed 4 years ago where a freakish gust of wind swirled a Cahill goal millimetrically to the right, smacked against the post and some yobbo in the crowd with a gravitational pull akin to Magneto sucks the ball goal bound. Spiraling you to a state of shock and resentment keeping you up all night wondering what you did to deserve it... for four years. Yep, I love it!

Soooo, enjoy this World Cup. There'll be lots of moments to talk about in the years, even decades to come. Unless you're a supporter of Cameroon, the Netherlands, or Denmark, I wish you, your family, your loved ones, everybody, the very best of luck.

And okay I'll say it for the hell of it. Go Socceroos!


  1. Nice Nori - Maradona as a handballing cherub - interesting concept !
    Four weeks of sleeplessness - great - and you know where they can stick those bloody horns ................... carn the Socceroos !!

  2. Wow, Beautiful work on here Nori! Your proportional sensibilities are fantastic!

  3. Awesome work here!I'll definitely be keeping my eye on your work. Cheers-S.

  4. Pfff, this Maradona is great.
    I love your style !
    I also tried to draw El Pibe de Oro, but you're the best

  5. hahaha , very funny caricature of Mr Maradona.
    Nice work again here!

  6. Fantastic! hahaha Maradona and your hand of God... Nice work Nori! big hug