Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bernini Angel

I somehow won a sculpt from Michael Defeo on Sketchoholic. But it was a great theme with a short time frame - trying to come up with our own spin on a classic sculpture. I chose Bernini based around one of his inspiring angel sculptures.

I came across this image on Google. The pose, what she was doing, the instrument all, I thought, lended itself to the Bernini aura so I smashed those ideas together.

And here's a turntable of the result. The model was done in Zbrush with an unorganised mesh and the inorganic objects were made in Maya. I had fun with Zbrush's "Slash 2" brush on the curl on her hair and the wings. I had fun with Maya because ...because it's Maya.


  1. Dear Nori,
    Congratulations!! Great work! Indeed, your explanations and process are very intereting; I'm learning lots. Thank you. I really look forward to your next work.
    Cheers, wink, wink,

  2. Cool really nice, nice pose, nice scultping, good result!

  3. Wow, really nice. Impressive. Very beautiful job . Do you do any sculpture in clay as well? And do you prefer digital to actuall clay and armature sculpture?

  4. Dear Nori,
    This is bloody fantastic! I'll admit i tried to look at her butt, you did a great job at making her cute and classy, unlike me. You're a super star sir.
    Love Leigh.

  5. wonderful work dear Nori,
    jan :)

  6. Hey Nori, really beautiful! Inspiring. Simply sublime! Cheers

  7. ohoho!!! Great model!! really like the set pose!!